Ok so here’s the story… one day, the girls were playing in the house, running around, having a good ole time, and boom one of them slipped, fell, and busted her behind. I remember thinking I’m going to get them some socks from the store with the silicon on the bottom to keep them from falling. Only to get to Target and not find any in their size (only toddler and adult sizes were available).

It was around Christmas time, and I didn’t want to order from online (Amazon wasn’t Amazon-ing like normal). We had just recently read a book about a young daughter and mother team that created a barrette/bow (Gabby’s Bows) to help with the problem of little girls losing their bows. A light bulb came on, I said to Kay we should create our own “jumping socks” that’s what we called them before “Sticky Slippy Socks” came to life. 

So, I contacted a reputable business start-up company I knew assisted with ecommerce, because retail was not my expertise and I wanted to set this up right from the beginning - It’s for my babies and I wouldn’t have it any other way! With help from Korbeta we are well on our way to being in retail stores, children’s boutiques, and much more next year, the parents looking for cute anti-slip socks will have an option “Sticky Slippy Socks”.